Carpet Cleaning - Perth

Should I choose any Carpet Cleaning Company?

What should I consider when choosing a carpet cleaning service?

Below is a guide of what to look out for and questions to ask to avoid making an expensive mistake.

You may not know that there are Government recognised qualifications for the Carpet cleaning Industry,These qualifications are certificate 2 and 3 In asset maintainace (carpet cleaning) PRM30604. Carpet Cleaning Tecnician's who have attained this certification are the only people you should trust to take care of your quality carpets.

The next thing you should Know is there is actually an Australian Standard for carpet cleaning AS/NZS 3733:1995. This standard is there for a reason and that is to protect you the consumer from sub standard workmanship, which unfortunately is rife in Western Australia market place.

One of the more important things you should look for is whether your carpet cleaner is a Registered technician with the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA.  This will ensure your carpet cleaner is trained and insured and has a working occupational health and safety document.  The Association member must also attend regular training workshops and also having signed and agreed to abide by the associations strict code of ethics.

Correct Carpet Cleaning procedures explained.

One of the most important procedures is the pre inspection this is where we identify the carpet construction and fibre type. This is crucial in the selection of carpet cleaning solutions and method of carpet cleaning to prevent damage to sensitive Fibres such as wool and stain resistant nylon carpet.

The next step and a very important one is the pre vacuum, as up to 80% of soiling in your carpeting is dry particulate soiling which must be removed prior to the carpet cleaning process, using a quality upright vacuum cleaner and smart vacuuming techniques will ensure the most effective outcome. breathe-easy happily does this for you as part of our service.

Next we select the most appropriate method of cleaning your carpets as every situation is different, careful consideration must me made in selecting the carpet cleaning method that best suits the Clients needs. for example if the carpet is heavily soiled or has’t been cleaned for some time we recommend a restoration carpet clean using the hot water extraction (steam cleaning) method with state of the art powerful truck mounted equipment that will out performs any portable carpet cleaning systems available with far superior results and much faster drying.

For a carpet that has light to medium soiling or needs to be dry quickly we use a smart carpet dry cleaning system called Crystal clean encapsulation that uses a non toxic liquid polymer that is agitated into the carpet fiber using a slow speed rotary scrubber to remove oily and water soluble type soils. This system is far superior to standard carpet dry cleaning or bonnet carpet cleaning techniques that many companies’s still use today, that can leave harmful residues behind in the carpet that promotes rapid re soiling of your carpets.

As the Crystal clean system leaves absolutely no soil attracting residues behind you can choose this method of carpet cleaning with confidence for both your domestic and commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Breathe-easy carpet care also has a highly effective carpet stain removal service also specialising in pet stain and odour removal.

Hopefully I have been able to provide to you with some informative information about selecting a carpet cleaning service in Perth.  If however you require any further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards Andrew Connell business owner.